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Purchasing System

Purchasing System

A powerful system that helps simulate the actual documentary cycle of many
companies (quotations - orders (selling - buying) - bills (exchange and addition)
- issuing invoices). It is also a powerful and effective tool for tracking customer
accounts and supplier accounts and controlling different pricing methods.

System Advantages:-

  1. Complete & detailed reports per (customer or supplier - inventory-Representativecalssification type-... ).
  2. Full Support for Point of Sale.
  3. Unlimited suppliers codes & suppliers classifications.
  4. Create complete database for suppliers information(personal,financial, administrative, tax).
  5. Build a complete database of suppliers including tax card, trade register, grace period and the balance of the first period.
  6. Record all relevant inventory transactions (purchase and purchase return).
  7. Support internal procedure for purchasing orders and purchasing requests.
  8. Review purchasing on supplier level.
  9. Record payments transactions.
  10. Provide analysis and statistic reports per supplier, items, etc.
  11. Support several types of discounts (% - amount).
  12. Purchasing analysis per supplier and items.
  13. Integration with safe and banks modules .
  14. Integration with general ledger.