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General Ledger System

General Ledger System

General ledger system is a unique system which helps you to follow up the
entity's financial position by entering all the constrains simply and extracting
many detailed and overall reports starting from the ledger account and the
audit balance to the financial statements.

System Advantages :-

  1. Chart of account setup with flexible structure contain unlimited levels.
  2. Cost centers setups with flexible structure contain unlimited levels.
  3. Unlimited sub-codes setup, e.g. customers, suppliers, employees, banks, etc.
  4. Create unlimited number of journal types.
  5. Simple way to record the journal with a proper control and validation.
  6. Allocating journal transaction sides to one account or more.
  7. Allocating journal transaction sides to specific cost Centre.
  8. Allocating journal transaction sides to specific journal .
  9. Ability of recording description per account level and/or per transaction level.
  10. Controlling in available work period for transactions insertion or amendment.
  11. Setup periodical transactions, then trigger insertion for those transaction in regular basis.
  12. Setup unlimited number of one side journals, then apply transactions upon this setup.
  13. Ability to create reversal journals.
  14. Support multi currencies.
  15. Report for foreign currency exchange differences (profit or loss) .
  16. Ability of printing journal transaction by different patterns.
  17. Several analysis reports on ledgers and sub. ledgers.
  18. Ability to print trail balance by different patterns .
  19. Analysis reports for sub. ledgers by different patterns and selected criteria .
  20. Ability for user to design unlimited number of financial statements.